Join us September 18th, 2021 from noon to 11 p.m. on 19th and Liberty streets in the West End of Allentown.

In September Allentown’s Theatre District comes together for the West End World of Food Festival, a celebration of Allentown’s diverse cultural community, filled with finger lickin’ food, electric musical acts, and varieties of beer, wine, art, and crafts for the kids. And don’t forget our eating contests!

It is recommended that all people who are not vaccinated for COVID wear a mask. Thank you!

This is a block party. Good live music, all day, all for free. Did we mention there are beer tents? You might come down to 19th Street on September 18th to eat and drink, but you’ll stick around to mingle.

Guess who’s turning six this year? 

Bring an appetite.

Rain or shine we grubbin!


It just feels right.

“Events like this really bring the community together. They get people to come out [to] support local businesses and see what our city has to offer,” – Val Weisler | Popping the Muhlenbubble at the World of Food Festival by Brooke Weber